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Envision the Future

We challenge the status quo, asking the questions that open up new conversations in pursuit of renewal. Is it time to create a new story for your organisation?


Be a winning team

Every individual contributes to a winning team, but it takes a network of commitments between individuals to produce and sustain high performance.


Transform Relationships

VISION uses Commitment-based Management™ to achieve behavioural change in employees that transform the customer experience.


Eradicate Complexity

We help our clients design and implement operating models that cut waste and cost, improve flexibility and increase customer satisfaction.


Achieve Results Fast

We deliver breakthrough and permanent change in 12 weeks from the start of any engagement.


VISION: Who We Are And What We Do

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VISION is an international consulting firm that delivers breakthrough solutions in Customer Service, Leadership Development, Call Centre Excellence, Organisational Culture Change and in the design and deployment of new and more Efficient Capital Project operating models.

We are leaders in Commitment-based Management™, a management discipline designed to positively transform the relationships of your employees, customers and partners to increase operational effectiveness and organizational innovation.

All our work starts with the premise that businesses are fundamentally networks of commitments between people. This is the foundation for rapid change and transformations that are sustainable.

VISION thrives on helping clients tackle their most challenging business problems and opportunities and delivering fast and enduring results.

Our Approach

Our Approach

VISION dedicates itself to helping its clients transform their customer propositions, strategies, operating models, organisational structure, and leadership practices.

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Our Services

Our Services

• Customer Experience
• Call Centre Excellence
• Organisational Culture Change
• Leadership Transformation
• Efficient Capital Projects

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Within 100 days, we will deliver results that ensure our clients build the capabilities to continuously reach for higher performance and sustain it for years to come.

Case Studies

Case Studies

• Grew a UK bank’s mortgage services from under
1% to a 10% market share in 18 months.
• Transformed a North American cement
manufacturer into a global leader.
• Helped a German engineering firm to earn
the highest profit margins in their industry.

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Case Studies

SSE preparing for the TOTEX regulation from Ofgem

Ofgem's TOTEX (total expenditure) accounting requirement is another game changer for the electricity Distribution Network Operators. TOTEX accounting, which eliminates the distinction between capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX), is designed specifically for capital-intensive, regulated industries.

This case study outlines the organisational changes SSE have made to save up to €100million over this regulated period.

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VISION Locations

VISION is a management consulting firm that operates globally.

Founded in 1984 in Dublin, Ireland where our headquarters is located we have offices in Chile, Mexico, the United Kingdom and in the United States of America.

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VISION in Society

VISION Trust is an initiative enabling VISION people to make a meaningful and significant contribution to society.

It is a response to the feelings of powerlessness faced by many communities who have not benefited from economic growth.

Find out more about VISION Trust.

About Commitment-based Management

Commitment-based Management™ (CbM) is driven by the quality and fulfilment of the explicit network of commitments made between people in that organisation and their customers. Developed initially by Dr. Fernando Flores following extensive research in association with Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, VISION continues to develop CbM methods in association with leading  business schools and through client engagements.



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