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Our Approach

Our Approach

Commitment-based Management

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Our Approach

Commitment-based Managementâ„¢ (CbM) works on the basis that a successful organisation is driven by the quality and fulfilment of the explicit network of commitments made between people in that organisation and their customers. 


CBM Chains1

Developed initially by Dr. Fernando Flores following extensive research in association with Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, VISION has extended the research and development with The Kellogg School of Management, London School of Business, MIT, and client engagements. CbM provides a distinctive methodology for producing new and sustainable levels of business performance

More on the early essays by Fernando Flores can be found here:

 It is used by numerous Global 1,000, mid-sized and small bio or high tech companies. For CbM practitioners, organisations succeed when customer or colleague requests are met by clear commitments and promises by others to deliver on those requests. The challenge is to ensure that the requests and promises are explicit and that the fulfilment is rigorous.

VISION uses itsCommitment Loop (see below) to map the steps from request origination to fulfilment in order to understand, challenge and improve the exact commitments and promises being made at each step. CbM focuses on ensuring that all parties are making the right promises, that those promises are clearly understood and that each party identifies how it will deliver on them. This creates an environment of trust and coordination within the organisation that allows it to achieve transformational business results.


What does VISION CbM change?   

  • Commitment-based designers consistently align the commitments within an organisation to its underlying promises to its customers
  • Designers develop new organisational practices for keeping and monitoring commitments that constantly challenge all stakeholders to keep their promises to each other and the customers
  • Managers and employees undergo personal transformations as they understand the power and importance of meeting their detailed promises. CbM creates an entrepreneurial culture where individuals take more responsibility for the promises they make to each other, to customers and organise themselves and others to deliver on these promises.                        

Overall, CbM creates a culture where all stakeholders embody the corporate mission while accepting individual accountability for extraordinary results. Where clear promises have been publically made, there is no hiding from the responsibility for delivering on them.  

VISION regularly meets organisations that believe that they already manage commitments to each other and to their customers. In over 20 years of practicing CbM our experience, however, is that few create such a culture around commitments and promises that delivers individual accountability to build real trust and coordination throughout the organisation.

Check out our five core services that all use CbM:

1. Breakthrough Customer Service

2. Call Centre Excellence

3. Organisational Cultural Change

4. Leadership Transformation

5. Efficient Capital Projects (ECP) 


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