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Our Services

Our Services

What we offer our clients

Transform thinking

We re-engineer organisations, transform cultures and change human practices, producing transformational business results. Whether the change is focused on technology, process, market entry, new product, new strategy, new leadership or organisational  structures, changing the relationships and hence the commitment network is the key.

All our work starts with the premise that businesses are fundamentally networks of commitments between people. We work to understand, improve and manage those commitments and develop new operating models that cut waste (and cost), improve flexibility and increase customer satisfaction for efficient, fast and flexible operations.

Our approach is not only strategic, but it's intensely operational. VISION promises to show distinctive, projectable results within 8-12 weeks from the start of any engagement, helping our clients to achieve extraordinary, industry-transforming results.


Breakthrough Customer Experience

We have developed a unique approach that produces dramatic improvements in the performance of call centre advisors in a short period of time.  Our methodology has led to a doubling of customer service indicators and to dramatic improvements in sales conversions within weeks.  Our approach combines innovations in team learning, call recording, and management practices.  

Call Centre Excellence

Through our Learning Teams offering we help transform your call centre customers into promoters and create a culture that executes on its promise for lower customer acquisition costs, increased retention, transformed relationships and increased sales.

Organisational Culture Change

Culture affects everything in a business: the mood in which an organisation operates, the non alignment of  internal teams, confusion as to  the organisation's vision, the ability of leaders to be effective, the ability to meet commitments to the customer and the degree to which growth opportunities can be captured.  Over 24 years VISION has worked on all of these issues for our clients and our Commitment based Management™ approach delivers the critical behavioural changes that will deliver the most robust and sustainable culture for your organisation to deliver on your company vision, company values and strategic objectives. The result is deep and lasting behavioural change.

Leadership Transformation

Creating world class leadership is the critical business challenge. At VISION we utilise our bespoke individual and group coaching sessions that enable leaders to build critical self awareness, recognise their ambitions, spot hidden opportunities, build trust and take ownership of the future to achieve seemingly impossible results.

Efficient Capital Projects (ECP)

Major Capital Projects represent high risk to any business. The rewards for speed and cost efficiency are significant but it requires world-class co-ordination and commitment from all the stakeholders. Our Design in Action approach makes change happen fast and with widespread commitment from all stakeholders to deliver a better return on investment than initially thought possible.   

Vendor Management of IT transformation

IT projects are often key to organisational change, whether it is to increase productivity, allow expansion or to meet new regulation.  However, the risks are high and often highly efficient organisations (and good IT departments) fail to deliver their IT projects that the company needs. VISION's Vendor Management makes change happen fast and within the business requirments of cost, time and scope.


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Transforming your culture to make change happen: See results within 90 days.

Unless carefully maintained, company cultures tend toward decline, which leads to lack of shared vision and purpose, reduced productivity and lost opportunities.  Even when companies maintain their cultures well, changing market, economic and political conditions can require strategies that require a culture change.

Whether your required company change is focused on technology, process, market entry, new product, new strategy, new leadership or organisational  structures, changing the relationships and hence the commitment network is the key.

We focus on the human elements of change. No matter how great the investment in process improvement or infrastructure, it's the collective effort of individuals in the organisation that ensure success. Leaders can set the vision and destination of the business, but it will take the collective efforts of their people to get there.

organise cult change2


Whether you have let your culture go untended too long or need a culture aligned to a new strategy, VISION can assist you in firstly determining the culture and behavioural changes required to quickly and effectively accomplish your goals and then using our Commitment-based management approach™, working with teams inside the organisation, VISION will  map the current structure of commitments and design a new network of commitments or a new central promise, building the new practices necessary in support of the shared vision to ensure successful delivery of the company's strategic objectives, driving real competitive advantage and transformational results to create sustainable, inspiring change.

Our unique approach creates a connected organisation, united behind a common purpose to:

  • create new and more creative ways of working
  • increase coordination & collaboration, breaking down organisational silos that hinder coordination
  • simplify operational processes
  • reduce costs & improve profitability                   
  • increase agility & improve competitive advantage                   
  • increase employee engagement          
  • create a business culture and organisational values that underscore the need to think and be! different from the status quo.

VISION has been a leader in driving behaviour change for 24 years

You can learn more about our Commitment-based Management approach™ here.

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