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Our People

VISION is led by directors who manage strategy and operations, as well as drive the company's commitment to create extraordinary results for our clients.

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Gerald Adams - profile

Gerald leads joint VISION and client teams to implement designs that heighten our clients' ties to their customers and greatly improve enterprise-wide coordination to drive new value for our clients and for their customers. In 1984 he co-founded VISION to capitalise on new, human-scale personal computer and local area network technologies. Since that time, Gerald has helped VISION grow into a successful management consulting firm with an extensive portfolio of projects in Europe and the Americas.   

From Gerald's first job in 1979 with Arthur Andersen - programming a Material Requirements Planning system - to his most recent projects, Gerald has been involved on-the-ground in most of the technology-driven business revolutions of the past twenty plus years.

In that period he helped design Ireland's first full-service telephone and online bank and brought that experience to VISION's international banking and insurance clients, helping them become leaders in this area. He worked closely with key IBM software labs on their first, substantial distributed object application, which pushed the practical limits of those technologies. As the Internet revolutionised the way we do business, Gerald led VISION's move into Internet consulting with clients such as, CitiBank and AOL Time Warner.   

Gerald graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1979 with degrees in mathematics and engineering. He is a keen amateur photographer and painter with a love of history and technology.

Gerald was born and raised in Tullamore, a town in the centre of Ireland.  He is married with two children.

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