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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

VISION Latest Thinking

VISION Consultancy uses its Thought Leadership to guide its strategies.  It's these VISION's strategies, which help its clients transform their businesses.

Please do email with any questions.

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VISION dedicates itself to helping its clients transform their customer propositions, strategies, operating models, organizational structure, and leadership practices.

Read our latest writing and what we're reading.

Please do email  with any questions you have about any of our thought leadership articles.

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Practical Innovation lecture

In his video below, Charles Spinosa discussed five questions and the associated practical innovation which should be considered for each. Which of these questions most applies to you and why? Feel free to email a question to we'll get back to you.

1) What action am I constantly chasing others to perform?

Practical Innovation: Shift the ownership. Make their inaction visible to people who matter more.

2) What do I do to get myself in the mood to work?

Practical Innovation: Shift the focus from work to getting in the mood. Extend it to everyone.

3) What did I get really wrong and then find a way to get right?

Practical Innovation: Shift the focus from solving your problem to making it easy for others to get it right at first.

4) What is my idea that everyone says is wrong?

Practical Innovation: Shift from why it's a good idea to why the norm is a bad idea. Then package around that.

5) What is my industry getting wrong and I sometimes get right?

Practical Innovation: Shift from the unusual context to a general one. Standardize around the general one.

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