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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

VISION Latest Thinking

VISION Consultancy uses its Thought Leadership to guide its strategies.  It's these VISION's strategies, which help its clients transform their businesses.

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VISION dedicates itself to helping its clients transform their customer propositions, strategies, operating models, organizational structure, and leadership practices.

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What Calls for Thinking in Business


For Heidegger, thinking focuses on what is most taken for granted in any domain and in its focus transforms the domain. In business, such thinking develops cultural innovations that change the factors of competition. This chapter intro- duces Heideggerian thinking for business transformation. We look at the concerns managers face in adopting such thinking, explain Heidegger's two breakthroughs: the turn to practice and the uncovering of radically different understandings of being. We show how to cultivate the thinker's mood of wonder and set out the five movements in Heideggerian thinking including bridging radically different ways of handling what is most taken for granted. We then propose that transforming mine into yours in exchange is the most taken for granted aspect of business and show how thinking about that transformation in cement (CEMEX) and commercial insurance (RSA) leads to cultural innovations that improve exchange for both buyers and sellers. We conclude by noting that such thinking tends to blend older practices like friendship with newer ones like networking.

 Read the Full "What Calls for Thinking in Business" by Charles Spinosa, Matthew Hancocks, Billy Glennon.


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